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About Me

Painter. Graphic Designer. Visionary
After mind surfing for years and attempting to search for an answer to which category or genre I fit in, I realized I don't, nor will I ever..
I take pride in being a modern day renaissance man. Some label me as an Illustrator or a Designer,  some say I am a musician, Most just call me an artist; Though I appreciate all gestures, I am neither. 
The gift I was given is too big to be confound by titles. I sketch, Paint, Rap, Sing, Sculpt, Build, Ideate, Dream, and make whatever I desire into reality. I was made in the image of my creator therefore I, being in his likeness, create. I am deeply grateful for every ability I have found myself able to do and take not one talent for granted.  
Art is not what I do, It's who I am.
And I humbly introduce myself as John Koldstitch "The Kreativ"

Curriculum Vitae







Big Local Arts Tent - Showcase

(June 7 - 9, 2022)

400 West Rich St. Columbus, OH

Cre8 Summer Bash Art Fundraiser Event

(August 8, 2021)

1819 Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506

Not Sheep Gallery (Gallery Hop 2021)

(June 2021 - August 2021)

17 W Russel St. Columbus Ohio, 43215

Trapxart Digital Magazine feature (June Issue)

pages 128 - 135

Columbus Alive Article:

(May 06, 2021)

Trapxart Interview:

(April 14, 2021)

NCAA Women's Final Four - Featured Artist

(April 2018)

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